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When he answered, I was adding a second finger, and I slipped in two with little trouble, but I could feel her ring closely grasp. “Ouff,” he moaned softly as I looked. While in the ass, I spread my fingers and tested, the walls of his anus. Open the hole. If you have two fingers on my dick too, without further preparation. I knew, stuck his finger in a hole already in it, as this would not cause much pain, and soon relax her muscles. I turned my hand when I am tense from right to left, then up and down. After about two minutes of extra preparation, it was time. I pulled my finger.

“Now you’re ready.” I moved behind him. “Time to man-up. Now I will take your virginity, and it might hurt a little early. “Evan was trembling with excitement, and perhaps unconsciously he squirmed his back and buttocks protrudes more prominently, and cheeks contacted the underside of my sensitive cock was so hard, now he was lying face down.

Insert your penis for anal sex is actually a learned skill, and I was a master. If you do not know what you do, there is inevitably a lot of trial and error, missed the target, drag target when you can not immediately enter a tight ass, etc. But I knew what I was doing. I could see the hole anyway, because I had such a good job of positioning done in a very open doggy. My hand grabbed my penis bigger and brought him to his waiting hole while the other spread his left cheek on the side. My thumb has opened the door and found the hole, giving him a quick probe to highlight it, then I put my hand on the tree much like the head came to my decision and pressed firmly against the hole .

My favorite part would be with a lover, when I insert my penis. The ass is very tight, and I always get an answer very subject between the receiver and my cock as he fights to accommodate my size. His grunts and groans of pain and surprise me always excite almost as much as they watched, and later to enjoy. But part of what is in my head I keep to myself, because it’s a bit strange. When I kiss a man, I feel more energy, I feel like his masculinity to transfer me to the top dominant. This is particularly enhanced when the man is a virgin ass. I know there is no actual transfer of power, but because this imagination is building in my head so much, my mind reacts as he is. I get a huge surge of adrenaline when I get the points first, then slowly builds up the whole experience until I climax. When I was in a way that truly dominant, like a beautiful face, is (if that’s what my partner wants to) stop, can I get another wave of energy.

This is exactly what is in my head. I know in real soil retains his manhood after the great courage to do what he makes.

That’s why I could barely contain my excitement when I behind sexy, Evan strong ass. But I took my time, because things build up, was good for both our greatest pleasure. At first, Evan was completely, until I shut up how. I left the head pressed against his greased ride with light pressure for about 10 seconds, then disappear before the button again. I did it a few times until I’m able to start my head was about to open the hole. Her tight sphincter was just inside, and my blunt head now pressed against him. It seemed incredibly small, but I knew better understood, and he had the potential to take me. I knew that Evan was not in any pain, because I was not really open yet. Everything was about to change.

I went back and re-used several times, slowly pressing his tight ring. Whenever I felt the ring opening and expanding with a big head of my penis. After about seven of them, her ass was almost open, and he began to load his sphincter protested hitched. Protested “Arrgh, there is no way to” Evan. “It does not fit.”

“Patience, relax your body and is open to me.” I moved again, then pushed forward a little more difficult. Her ass is more open, and I felt her slip ring to the crest of my big head, most now in the narrowest part of her ass. The way was clear for me now. I slowly relaxed in front and felt incredibly wonderful feelings that enveloped her tight ass and hugs the head and first inch of my shaft as I pushed inside. As soon as the widest part of the head slid in front of him and opened his muscles tense his entire body and jumped. Her thighs trembled with pain and excitement, and clenched buttocks in protest. The muscles in his ass spasmed around the unknown intruder actually help suck it further in terms of quality and source of inspiration for me. We previously eased the involuntary part of her sphincter close with careful preparation, but my size was compared with the fingers to reactivate his reflexes for a period of time, which some discomfort when he lost his virginity to one. Larger than average penis

“Arrgh. Fuck me, that’s fine. Holy shit!” he exclaimed. He raised his arm and pressed it against my thigh, as if to stop the penetration. But he quickly pulled back on the chair, because after all the athlete was no stranger to the whole “no pain, no gain” concept. It made me greatly to see what was my size to the Jungfrau. I was well prepared, but it was impossible to avoid some pain when I kissed someone. I could see the look of excitement and pain on the face of Evans the mirror as he surrendered and was waiting for more penetration. His forehead glistened with sweat.

As I expected, I became almost stunned by the enormous wave of energy that ensued Evans sends virgin ass through my penis and in my body, warmth and enthusiasm all over me. I had goosebumps on my flesh, my muscles and increased energy. I firmly grabbed her hips and pulled him to me when I went to the front, sliding a few inches longer contain him, barely able to my enthusiasm. I could see his erection to go half-mast in the mirror of hard to a softer, such as energy and virility flowed from him in me, as I did for my pleasure. I sank my cock in about one third of the way, then, slowly, from the little finger, careful not to leave the head and sent a small wave past the barrier during the muscle waves of joy on the underside of sensitive my shaft secured. The resignation brought something other than the insertion of stimulation. I stopped for one second, then slowly dropped again, wrapped around two thirds of the way inside as a pleasure, most of my tree now. I went back to about half the time, then carefully led as far as I could. I was not able to put my dick in most any male rear ends, but Evan did not disappoint. I watched in awe as increasingly disappeared from my penis in Virgo. He resisted for a moment, then I felt it inside me to open my hips and then pressed firmly against his powerful buttocks. I struggled to get a sudden urge. It felt so good to be balls deep in her tight ass with every inch of space on my tree at the same time stimulated by his hot hole.

“Uhhhhh,” Evan moaned, as if this time more than in a serene acceptance of a painful protest. His head was suspended, relaxed and with a view of the ground. His legs still supported his weight, but every muscle in his body, which apparently did was able to relax as much as possible. It was, as did all its vitality and energy to transfer me. I left my big penis completely covered to the Virgin a little time to get used to my size, and reflect on the moment. I knew most of his pain was localized to the sphincter tight, and I had to wait a while before I start pushing soon. Let the cover would be easier for him and it takes place.

“This is great. You have my black cock all the way up your ass and now. You are forever changed, and not a virgin in the penis is no more. How do you feel? ”

“Mmmpf,” he growled. “I can not believe this is happening.”

“It hurts at first. But you do not want me to stop, right? ”

“No, I do not think so,” he said. I was not surprised. He had a penis in the ass. He could not stop now and say that he would not have done. He might as well go see what the whole experience was like. It was a pattern that I knew.

I started my first real withdrawal. Very slowly, I stopped a few inches of a penis was inside, then went back in. In the beginning of a good de-virginizing, I felt it was best not to completely evacuate and open tight ass muscles to each shock by pulling too far. I stroked him slowly, feeding the entire length of my cock hunger. He rewarded me with a soft grunt every time I hit bottom in him. Before I get too distracted by envy, I could return all my senses, which include not only the pleasure of his ass, probing my unit, but I also enjoyed the look on his face as I fucked her benefit him. I could see all these emotions at once: pain, insecurity, first lust, confusion, etc. I appreciate all the sounds he made. The girl was very noisy with its curses and groans, and I was pleased that we have the stereo up loud because it was a college dorm was, after all. I thrilled at the sight of my big black cock sliding slowly in and out between those fleshy, white buttocks unplundered, the sharp contrast to reinforce my experience.

I stroked Evans ass slowly and deeply for about five minutes. I took pleasure in no hurry, just this feeling, with my knowledge does not allow me to a climax before it is completely broken in. I used to spread my hands to build his cheeks, and I the slowly pulled my penis all the way out. Her ass was a kind of pop sound pleasant squishing with the lubricating oil mixed with the tightness of her ass around my dick that I had left him and emptied. Disseminate the cheeks usually increased every gaping asshole in the sequel to relax muscles, but to my surprise, gaping hole not much Evan. A small hole appeared for one second, then quickly cooled in a starfish tight, closed brilliantly with a lubricant. Most men that I had fucked, virgins or not, after a hole about two inches in diameter this much of my caresses ebony tool. Evan is not shown for a real gaping sex session together, which was a first for me. Although it was not a small, compact little male and female was not the tightest ass I have in this moment of defloration, he had his ass nearest joy and the gift I had sex during the whole session and at the end. He was gifted. But I was a little worried that it would be just as fun, if not clarified its gaping lack of capacity, compared to just relax tightness.

“If you can relax and enjoy a bit now?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. I could tell he was still confused and uncertain what to say. “God, you will be my fill. It still hurts but. ”

“Do you want me to stop, right?” I asked, confident in the answer. I added a little more oil lubrication, while I asked the question.

He spoke with confidence in his voice for the first time he saw me in the mirror. “It is too late to turn back now. I might as well enjoy myself.” He reached back and grabbed my left buttock and insurance pulled me behind him. “Fuck me even more. I want you.”

I quickly found his smooth hole and reused. I found it almost as strong as right as I was deflowered. I started the second act with a slap on the cheek dominant butt, what frightened to cry in front of the tower before my cock in the. I started an aggressive campaign on his ass, with the drawers are always deep and powerful, but also faster. I moved my long arms from hips to shoulders. He lifted his upper body like the arms on the armrests of the chair seat and not the kiss him more law and in fact simpler. Forts, “wap wap wap” sounds like my hips into her buttocks accident in competition with the grunts he does when I entered it again and again. “It’s a good thing, I give the more so as , “he whispered, as I fucked her.

“I’m close,” I said. “I want you to have the full experience. If I tell you, turn and sit in that chair and open your mouth. You know what to do. ” He did not respond, so I had no idea of ​​what it really does, when I brought the climax. I pushed on the back, and Evan obeyed and again lowered its position, he gave me a better insight into its hole. I slowed my pace and went back to the beginning, slowly stroking deeply. His ass was a little more open now, so I did not travel slowly because the butt of his forced me, but more because I wanted to feel the sensation that his muscles rippled along the length of my cock sensitive. I needed stimulation to the right to reach my peak. For me, the quick pitch has tended to dull the senses.

I started shooting my penis all the way until the head rested, clung to his hole, before the way back in. It is used by more anal now, looted, it was not so painful when my dick was restored each time. But it certainly felt the difference, and his growl was the perfect time for my re-election as inserts, I allowed his muscles to the Gulf first, then close completely before resuming with a full range for each both shocking. I loved the sounds in her asshole as it was then re-open permanently vacant. I knew it was one of those moments for a base bid. He had released little control over the muscles around his heart, and he could feel fresh air into her asshole, as I reached, he had to remember.

“The joy, give me your ass is incredible,” I said to Evan. “You have such a great tool available for other people if you please, it’s a waste not to the use it. “For a brief second I wondered if Evan let him kiss another man one day. Then he shook my tail just in time, and suddenly I was refocused to end almost ready. Evan has been fucked by this point thoroughly, and I do not remember anything. I started with him shallow drawers, so that the muscle was tight in his opening speech of the head and directly sensitive the first few centimeters constantly pleasuring of my tree. I knew I descend rapidly, and of course, after about 30 seconds, I began to feel an impending orgasm building in me burn. “Almost There”, I said. More than three axes and I was past the point without offending. “Now!” I told him, and took off his ass. I used a strong hold on my bowling and short wave to orgasm and ejaculation. I knew it would be delayed a few seconds. Fortunately, Evan was fast. He seemed to his decision as to whether or not you let me cum on her face done. I’m getting closer to the face, my dick at the Eye. “Open quickly,” I said.

I was pleased when he opened his mouth wide. He was visibly nervous in 2 seconds, but I gave him no time to linger. “ARRRGHH,” I sighed deeply as I released my pent up load. The bottom of the big head of my penis floated gently above the tongue down as the first high pressure jet of my ejaculation exploded Me, layered and deep into the back of his mouth. There was still, as I fired two bursts larger. It must be inhaled at the wrong time have, because he coughed suddenly , partially closes the mouth, so that the fourth sprint flow through his left cheek. I could not see my office after entering his mouth because he does not concern me, but I knew I was on the target , and my sperm was a lot of coating the inside of the entire mouth. He swallowed quickly and opened in time for the lowest fifth volley of ejaculate. I then milked my cock and published a few spots on his tongue . Feeling I was wrapping, he pursed his lips and sucking the tip of my penis. I deal a little more time and gave him a little more of my donation then slowly withdrawn. I pressed again and beat my dick greedy on the other cheek, with a final glob on her face.

I felt the most amazing energy pour into me when I saw him kneeling before me with my load. This explosive with the release of my ejaculation, and all the energy collected that was building in me for this combined peak and left me in a state of total bliss. My mind was incredibly turned on alert and full, while my body relaxed, spent currently.

“Whew, that was great!” I said as I took a few steps back. He got up and sat on the chair, he leaned over for ever. He swallowed a few times, then with your fingers, as the seed, as he could in his cheeks for the transfer of the mouth.

“It was a whole lot,” he joked.

“Your first count, right?” I asked.

He nodded. “I’ve never tasted before had mine.”

I went to the fridge for a beer and he said, as I did, “You have a great ass. I really enjoyed that kiss you. They are very strong and masculine, and you do not have the mourning, and. ”

“Thanks, I think,” he said shyly.

I opened the beer for him and handed him. “Something for you to wash,” I said and laughed.

“I can not believe I did. I am ashamed.” It was not a surprise to every man felt a little of this was after trying anal for the first time, but I also knew that he was glad he took the plunge and tried.

“Personally, I wish we lived in a world where you could do this and do not care what people thought of others watching. But I realize that we are in a society that is necessary in the intimacy of life. I give you my word I will not tell anyone. “He nodded. I continued: “You should be happy Let me ask you something, if it would be a really hot woman in the here and now that your cock you hesitate for a minute, just because I kiss.”

“God, no, I’m excited as hell.”

“Okay, so you do not like women are not less because of what you did. If anything, you want a woman even more than before. All this means for you is options . You have other outlets for your sexual energy. ”

“But you just totally made me your bitch.”

I had to smile, recalling the great experience I had just had. “Yes, I did. And you loved every minute.”

“God, it hurts,” he said. “Right at the very end. But you’re right.? What if I want to do it again ”

“You and I will not. I’m used to not having had sex with men. You were one of my best conquests, but you have lost their appeal for me, since you are now and I have broken your manhood. There are many other snake men to take if you know where to find them to be. “It was not intended to be insulting to him, it was just that I was feeling. In addition, I treat it like a used piece of ass that I reject it now that the man under even more than I did. “You were lucky that way from the anthers to have fun and more competition for women. Are, if you want to be fucked again and again not for moral reasons, while I respect. Otherwise, the way I see, now that I shall make you free. ”

I finished getting dressed and gathered my keys and wallet. “Thanks for a good time. If you masturbate later he will be one of your best, I promise.”

He took “You can see if you get bored if you want later. This is the last look you want.” The shirt of Web Cam I laughed when I walked through the door. But I would not be observed. I was made here and in the next conquest. I had to admit, I had the coolest roommate in school.

“So no one know?” he cried again when I opened the door.

“See what?” I asked as I left him and went for my day.

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It was a bit surprised when he does not answer the question. “I had to do it myself at the thought. It’s a good appearance. Makes you look huge. “He paused.” I mean a heterosexually of course, “he added.

“Sure, I know,” I said. Then I looked down at his desk. He had left the lubricating oil. “Lube Nice,” I said. He realized his mistake and turned red almost instantly. I was facing the mirror, but I saw the corner of my eye, and he met my gaze.

“Shit,” he said. I knew he explain to think. Perhaps as a masturbatory aid. Maybe he wanted a woman who would later do not have enough fat for themselves. But I acted before he could think of a plausible return. I went to his closet and reached inside and pulled the black dildo. He closed his eyes in embarrassment. “I can not explain it.”

“I did not know you’re bi-curious. Remember, what we, after we had this break in the last month, okay?” The realization hit like a freight train. He knew that I had programmed her web cam so as to be on 24×7, take it all. He knew that I could access them from a distance. Hell, that was the point. He knew that the web cam was right in his bed, where the dildo was attached note. The wide-angle lens can not miss. He had assumed that I saw all this.

“I’m not gay,” he said.

I laugh at stupid comment. “I know everybody.” It does not seem convinced. “Seriously, you can use all the dick you want and I do not think you’re gay. It’s not only what you say every day talking about women, I also see the sincerity in the way you look and aspire after them. “I paused, letting the sink in which to convince him a little, then my attention on the dildo. “They have a pretty large for the first time,” I teased and laughed, kept him beside my limp dick compare. He looked up from the ground and saw. “It is even bigger than me, at least until I get hard. Do not worry, it took a while, but you respect me for my life choices. And she kept the secret, so I can too. ” He seemed almost relieved. “It’s also my fault if you’re curious about these things. I think you’re much cooler for this property. You are smart enough to be open about things. ”

“What happens now?” he asked, trembling with shame and pressure.

It was time to push my luck. Evan would either kill me or be fucked in the ass. “I have an appointment with a nice lady, so I’ll take a shower, and you have an appointment with a dildo. I’m sure we both have a good night. “I have to call a friend for later on my way to school, so it was actually the truth. I turned on the stereo, as I did when I had to cover the sounds of sex for any other people in the dorm. I threw my shirt on the web cam, and I firmly pushed the dildo and attached to the bed frame. ” I’ll give you two some privacy. Thank you for the dark, by the way. I’m very flattered. ”

I took my time in the shower, it sufficient time to exit, or at least put on. When I came back refreshed with a towel around my waist, he was still in a bathrobe, sitting on the bed. It’s a good sign. True to his personality, he was joking when he could not think of right words. “You know, I wanted a white dildo anyway, but they were sold in this model.” I laughed, and it was the perfect way to ease tensions. I could say that alcohol relaxed him, or he just thought, fuck it, I might as well just talk about it now. Of course, I did not think so. He got the black cock just because he is more interested in black tail with white cock was. I decided to press the issue. I went to his office and got the sturdy chair with arms in his office. He was a sturdy chair without wheels that support a certain weight. I in the middle of the room, away from full-length mirror on the wall that we had. When I was about to fuck him, I wanted to examine the situation, the expression on his face in the mirror.

I put the chair and spread my legs and leaned forward, resting on my forearms on the chair back with my ass, just like many years ago, as though I incline to take a penis. “This would be your position, you feel warm and powerful than that.” Before he could answer this strange insinuation, I changed gears.

“Can I ask you a personal question, just between us?”

“Oh hell,” he said with a nervous laugh. “I guess.” I stopped a moment and went to the fridge and opened a beer.

“I have to stall a bit before they get to know me, so I have time for a beer. You dream of submitting to a real man, or you are just curious about how things come into your ass. I know you’re not good people, but has taken a real turn on your penis? ”

“I do not know, maybe.” Wow, honesty.

“I’m sorry, I made assumptions about your level of experience. You have not broken, do you?” He shook his head, seems to understand, I was asked if he would have had a cock in the ass again.

“Do not worry, I will not try to go out with you. You know, I have the model many times. If you are curious enough to buy a dildo, I know one day you want to add a button real penis, and make oral and you’ll probably still is a real even in TUSH. Seriously. ”

“No, I will not take us very far,” he said, but he looked at my penis as he said. The towel barely stand around me, and there was a loophole that allows it to me show. I was incredibly turned on, but managed to retain enough self-control to prevent an erection. But I knew my shot was plump and flabby impressive after a hot shower and the blood flows to it already, in anticipation of a peak as possible. I began to be awakened, and he did his best to act like he does not notice. I know I would not be able to hide my true desires much longer. I wanted her ass.

“I’ve seen him play enough to know this trend, of course, and that’s okay. You will try once or a few times and I love it. Then, around, and then you meet the right woman fall in love and marry, and may never do it again. But at some point, someone to get rid of you in the ass, buddy. “He shook his head, and we went back a few times. I gave him his bottle of whiskey sitting open on his desk.” Take a shot of that, you deserve it and we must. “It took some cliches that, while I drank my beer.

“You’re lucky, you know,” I continued, trying to disarm him. “Some guys have really insisted on his first shot, and a horrible experience. Have you had a big black cock with a nice guy here discreet that you never, or at least during the summer. “It was time to put my cards on the table and the risk of all. I had been leaning against the dresser about six feet away from a non-threatening way. I was sure and went to him and drop the towel away from me. “Why do not you go get a good look before m ‘go away, so you can imagine, at least you saw a real close when you have those fake sliding into you. ” I listened to about two meters. He sat on the bed, my cock was a little below eye level and directly in front of him. God, I hope he does not panic and fight or something. Evan was certainly the most manly man I have ever tried to seduce him, and who knows what could panic his mind to do. But now, nothing happened. It really made just to see my dick, and I made no forward movement in order to intimidate him. We stayed like that for a few minutes. He shook his head and looked at from different angles.

“Put it in your hand,” I said quietly, always at ease with each passing second. His hand reached temporarily at this crucial time, and he buckled on my penis. I smiled as he slowly pumped once a couple. I knew now he would kiss me. If I did not hit tonight, it would be my fault for not playing. I remembered when I first learn to touch another man, and I did not want to rush. I let him play with her gently for a minute to get used to. I became greater with each pump. After about a minute when I was almost completely hard and shiny, the precome first drop appeared at the top, I stopped. “It’s a good thing. Stop teasing me now. I do not want to run for my appointment with Julie with a large boner already. I watched closely, as I backtracked , and I could see a bit of regret in his eyes, how he got his new toy. Maybe he was not willing to ask me to kiss her again, but he liked the idea of ​​not letting me . Of course, I had not everywhere, but he did not know that. I picked up my pants. “Get up,” I said. “Come here and show me.” I patted the chair and he knew what I wanted.

Evan reluctantly got up and came to the throne. He bent down and grabbed the arm slightly bent and the butt of his from a TAD. I sat next to him stood a few meters, and I dropped my pants, I want to delay the time of my departure. I could see his erection, a huge bulge pressing against the thin fabric of her dress. He was excited as hell. “Holy shit, man. You are turned on time is the size.” I put a hand on her upper back area strong.

“I do not know …” he said, but he smiled slightly.

“Spread your legs a little more.” When we met, I came in and rubbed where I knew the bottom of the tree was significant. He groaned. Rather than shock me away, it took a hand and undid the cord of his robe, and parted in the middle for me and revealed his sport and the ABS tree drive, what to expect. I took the swollen flesh turn directly to him. His tail twitched and pulsed in my hand.

He put his hand on how he would arrest me and breathing heavily, but it froze for a minute. “Wait, I. .. “He began, but when he realized how much felt another hand on his penis, he could not get arrested. I do not have time that I was the first man or woman , touching know if it is not surprising that he felt so good to him. He relaxed and put his hand on the chair.

“The. Later in this way you go, the more turned on, you will be me You can not help myself. Stooping a little, and your enthusiasm grows as you are exposed to more and more. Nobody will ever know I’ve seen you like this. ”

“God, what am I doing?” He said, as I have my grip around his cock free and he fell. Now, he was resting on his forearms on the seat of Arctic char, to vault her ass in the air longer. Her legs spread more slowly, and suddenly he was in a very sexy, perfect to be plowed from behind by a lucky guy like me.

But next to him, I said, “Let’s see what we have here.” I slowly pulled her dress open at the right side of her ass and left him hanging there in front of him, revealing her naked ass for me. I knew Evan feel increased sexual energy, like fresh air, tickling his exposed hole. I saw the tail barely perceptible shrug of his growing excitement, now very difficult. I could feel his heart beat faster and faster breathing. As an experienced seducer of inexperienced men, I was very attentive to the slightest changes in the excitement of a man. Sometimes I had to ignore what he said, and are based on how his body reacts. Evan wanted my dick into her body.

Her ass looked great. Of course, I had seen him naked before, that his roommate and everything. But I had never seen him in that position, leaning forward and ready to give me joy. “It has a nice ass, Evan. The only type of man who can put me on a strong ass fit like you.” I moved into position behind her and grabbed her hips firmly. “Mmm, that’s fucking hot,” I said and slapped his ass with confidence. I felt the strong contraction of the muscles in my hands enthusiastically. Her ass was tight and firm but not too small. It n was not a little. He fought in one weight class and had the muscle to his frame to show for it. It was, as I liked. If I was the perfect male ass fucking imagine , that’s all. “I wish I had the ass. She said it was completely undeveloped, does not it?”

“Of course. What are you doing there? “He asked nervously.” I do not think I want to do that. “Despite his fear, I knew I had it. When he had me pull up his dress and unattended behind his ass, he told me he was sure to submit.

I went back to her forehead, and he had a chance for a short time, the threat of moral decision, it had to relax. But he did not move from its position, enhanced by body language, what he really wanted. “I think I may have a few minutes to relieve some stress for both of us, before going out.” I grabbed the lubricant on the desktop, and my completely hard cock just inches from his face, something pushes them and generously greased. Despite his arrest, Evan was the sight of my hard cock, knowing he has caused his body became my excitement, and it filled him with a strange sort of pride.

“God, your cock is really big,” he said. My cock was fully healed, while behind him, thinking how it would be to kiss her.

“I’ve never seen anyone take those who could not answer a man or a woman. Of course we must take the time they work, that’s all. “I paused before continuing.” No one but us will ever know. As long as you give me what I know we both want anyway. Now, to be honest. You want me to fuck you. “He did not answer, but he closed his eyes and sighed. Course we both knew I was not the kind of guy, always talk to anyone and his confidence, but m ‘threatened, helped through’m not begging. He liked to say, because they try easier for him to take the next step taken. I put my left hand that can not confidently covered with lubricant on the upper back. “You do not answer, I’ll give you the top of it and see how you like it.”

I pulled beside him, and my right hand went back to his ass. I slowly slid my middle finger in the slit of her ass high, aligned with the fingertip with his hole. I pressed my fingers gently lubricated quickly open the hole until it is pressed against the tight ring of her sphincter. I rested for a second, then gently pressed. He grabbed me tight, and I heard him moan throat. I knew there was at least 20 minutes because he had taken nothing, and it was important to relax in his opening remarks shortly before it condemns, so I there for a few seconds, then a tunnel in and out of a minute. “This is a really nice ass, Evan, so tight and fresh. Do not waste a plastic dick when you can honor me with your defilement and get what you really want, at the same time. She took two fingers before, is not it? ”


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Sex before sex

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We did not talk about it more, but at least we had an understanding, and I have no cold shoulder treatment is not more of it. We were cordial.

Law at that time in March, we had a bad crisis in the room next to us in the same dormitory after. My roommate and I were crazy because we’re both the kind of people who appreciate it, that will only happen if we made the person could take. I programmed my web cam on my iPhone in our dorm. Now my computer can see the whole room would hold a certain amount of latest figures, and with the IP address, I could see in real time from anywhere with my cell phone. If someone came into our room, they were screwed. To be fair, he knew my roommate we had done that. I did not tell him, as he could see his habit of masturbation again and I forgot it.

I do not always men wanking. I thought of women on the rare occasion that I enjoyed giving me pleasure. With my second year I had enough connections to know where my penis was actually developed has always been happy in a foreign body against my hand, and that the body is a woman, her boyfriend, a man or two curious with his first job had shot someone (me), he had met on the Internet. My roommate was the first man I jerked off thinking about it. I saw the joy in the room while I was gone. He did it once or twice a day, and the timing was very predictable. He had a body very well and was very masculine. He did it differently each time, and my favorite is when he made his bed and was shaking and confronts her strong ass, my web cam I fantasize about him coming and leaning on the bed. He had a beautiful penis. I was not particularly drawn to any penis. For me it was the donkey and the spirit of the game kiss a man who turned to me. But I wanted to emphasize that it was a bit more than average size, but still well below my waist. A bigger penis makes him more masculine, which I rotate. Penis size for man that I had looked at my cock as it was irrelevant to the action itself, because it does not penetrate me, but it still mattered. I liked the big ones.

The cam big surprise in April. I do not know, Evan was very curious when he will enjoy Dan anal penetrated, while still apparently happy heterosexual. He touched her asshole while masturbating curious about it: “I wonder what would it be to put something” way for the first time, and I watched the night he did. When I was in practice, he made good use of time alone. Two days later, he got drunk one night when I went for the night and soap or use a lubricant to insert a finger into his anus. It seemed wrong, but feel good to judge the look on his face. Her ass was so tight, the first time, it took forever for him to relax. I remember how the same year before. He stuck a finger while masturbating for a few weeks, always spiced with muscle control and saving a number. I have not seen each time, and once I looked and I noticed he had shaved his asshole and balls for the first time. I do not think it needs a command line for a couple of toy keys to really put things to the next level.

In the first week of May, I had to be at home for the weekend to study for exams. My parents live about 30 minutes, and went often. I enjoyed the solitude to study, and I took the real purpose of the university seriously. Evans package arrived on Friday, then Saturday night, timeless, he had the space to experiment themselves. He had read a lot about anal sex and he was ready. After a few beers in him to land, he could not ignore the packet on his desk more.

I checked my web cam right when he, as a disposable enema began in the middle of the room. I could not believe my eyes, and my dick was hard now. I was surprised he tried in the room. We had a shared bathroom in a suite with three other rooms. But he was lucky and apparently had no problem finding the bathroom in time. I got into my car and started driving up the phone in my GPS, so I can see.

He also had real-Lube, which was much better than soap and vaseline, he uses masturbation was ordered. After fingering, he took the first toy, a vibrator thin. Although he entered the greatest thing ever ass in the wrong direction, he slipped in no problem with the help of lubricating oil and vibration. It felt great. I could tell by the look of satisfaction on his face. He sat there, he goes in and out about 20 minutes to get hotter than his ass loose. But he knew he had to go to the next step, to really understand what was going anal.

At this point, Evan had always been no thoughts about being with a man for him it was just fun to play with her asshole. I did not, but I was aware of the possibility. I was not sure I could remove the seduction. He did not want someone else to get to his ass, he wanted to be derived so far and do it himself. But he also began to realize he has a strong side as repressed subject, which was every minute of the vibrator in her anus increased.

I was out of the car and was now in the dorm TV room, slipped on an empty night weekend like this. Everyone was out. I sat back against the wall if anyone would come, my roommate, or privacy.

Evan went to the box and opened the final toy. I liked the look on her ass before getting up, shining with oil, but always be tempered quite blank. My jaw closed. Even on the small screen, I could see well. It was a great, realistic black dildo. He looked so tall, as tall as me probably. I wondered briefly if he had done this before, but I noticed he had not opened because it is so. If he had a different toy, he was with. Evan arched his eyebrows and smiled slightly. As I stared fixedly at the screen, I knew I had to act. This is what Evan would take her cherry. Within minutes, he would sit or hold the fuse with the large dildo suction cup, it quickly or how much space he has chosen, as he took her virginity. I did not want the chance to get to him first and do honor to miss. I took a big risk to try to seduce him, but the fact that he chose the dildo was big and black gave me hope. I had to try. I had a clean, empty hot in my room, the tail was.

The dildo was a little too big for her first time, but Evan was an unforgettable experience. He made a mental note to avoid hiding from me much later, huge embarrassment. He had thought all week about how to do it. He used the suction cup to place it on the side of his bed on the rail. He would go on all fours with his feet under the bed and again on the big phallus. Her ass was plentiful and the half-hour lubricated with a vibrator, but it has much more to the Dong himself. Just as he was about to move into position, he heard my key inserted in the lock of the door. I clicked on the volume knob on my phone, the bell is rung and it seems that if someone asks me, then he responded and was a 32nd Faux interview before entering. I looked with pleasure on my phone as Evan stood up and grabbed the dildo and threw him into the cabinet, and all greased. Her dress was lying on my bed as quickly as he put it on while I walked. I made sure he was watching the door behind me.

“How are you doing?” He asked. We made small talk. It seemed natural to act as he should not be taken only reflex. I started to undress. I explained that I had a hot date at the last minute and I wanted to take a shower. He was relaxed and cheerful, I noticed, probably alcohol. I pushed my luck and got completely naked, but instead to do with a towel around my small closet door, I stood in the middle of the room and looked in the mirror for me. I had just shaved completely bald, this morning.

“I’m going tonight to minors,” I said enthusiastically. I asked, “What do you think the shaved look as are the ladies?” I went in the mirror and not him, to maintain pressure. Of course, I had seen before, prepare for a shower or when he walked on me having sex before. But this time he saw me right away was less than ten meters in good light. With the advice of experts asked if the ladies like her, I allowed him to watch me and maybe be excited in a non-threatening way.

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Brazilian parents, lived in the U.S. most of my life.

Black, 6’3 “, ripped an athlete on college players.

Blessed by God with a big penis.

Orientation: I like women, but sometimes I like men better. Began experimenting in the bottom when I was 14, then for some reason, my wishes are dominant at about 18

Sophomore College.

My roommate Evan:

American Guy of the land of white, a black man had hardly seen before college.

Homophobic, but a good guy, down to earth.

6’0 “, stocky, torn, difficulty in school and doing amateur mixed martial arts.

Popular, beautiful, has been fixed, but ever. Lack of confidence and has no play

Formal dress.

If you are black, as having a big cock, like to experiment with both sexes, and (especially) have a good attitude towards your neighbor, you have sex as much as you want in life. This is the story of my favorite man to man time at university, and the only time I fucked my roommate.

I hate labels. If someone tries to myself as a gay, straight, bi or to define what it would be difficult. I guess, “bi” is the best label when you were giving. The problem with this label is that anyone who calls himself as “bi” is, has different tastes. Some are really gay, and some are just very naughty boys straight. It also changes with age. I love women. I always have. I’m just emotionally involved with women. According to this story, and a number of years, I was happily married, as I always knew I would. I initially set at 13, when I knew what I was doing. When I was 15, I suddenly curious. My submissive side won and I got my first blow job. Within months, I lost my penis and tried first, Anal. I liked it. I have enjoyed and gained much experience.

When I was about 18 years, for reasons I do not understand, my taste has changed completely. Maybe it was a natural reaction to the increased size of my physical and domination in the field. The truth is, I have no idea. Although my love for women has remained the same, suddenly I was not even turned on the idea of ​​being on my hands and knees. I switched roles, and now I am happy to have men to submit to me. There was no relationship, what with men. I fucked many men, but never a kiss. I just liked to dominate. I was very honest about my partner and I had people queuing to take me. I had a certain exotic charm, contributed to my success, with a Latin accent with bold call for the combined company a big black cock. But it was always just a hobby. I had a few relationships with women over the years, and it has always been different, more gentle and caring.

The men who were shot at me the most inexperienced, masculine men. I enjoyed his first time. I just met many people online at the school that meet these criteria. We were young and horny, and many people were just a bit curious. With the way they were when I was younger, I knew exactly what they say and do on a bi-curious, submissive men turn and put them at ease. After a series of patients e-mail exchange for getting to know them, and maybe try to have some meetings orally, inevitably, I was able to convince them to try anal I think it’s a big case, because for guys who are always curious and experiment for the first time, and it is in the tailpipe of a big taboo very first step, and it changes people forever. What is the action itself, I was very dominant, and I doubt will be treated as men, they were subservient to men. But I was not disrespectful. If I have always taken things to the next level and someone called my dog ​​or something, it’s because I knew she would listen. After defloration, we generally divide the paths, which are both happy with what we experience, and I switched to another conquest.

I wanted my roommate from the moment I met him to kiss. It was a typical white, homophobic man from the country. I loved fucking white men more than any other breed. He did, of course, in my bondage fantasies, and I come from the lower half of her body even more appealing. I apologize for my racial preference, but the submarines had certainly their preferences, too, and it improves your sex life to yourself to admit it and move on without guilt. Evans muscle combined with erotic appeal of the convicted person can beat any man in the school turned to me. If this guy’s virgin ass would submit to me, it would be the ultimate experience. In contrast to the soft curves and gentle women I’ve loved for a man, so I note his ass needed to be fit and strong. It was like the last thing in the world ‘s, would seek to make my penis. But with Evan, I knew it would never happen. He was totally right, and as a mixed martial arts fighter, he had too much to lose if someone did that to experiment with it. So we were just good friends with many other things in common, but our social circles are different. We were both athletic, but by doing different sports, and I kept my secret life bisexual.

This balancing act has come to a halt in January of crashing early in the second half, when Evan came on a Saturday afternoon, as it should be out of town. It should be in Washington DC for a fight, but the event ran into some legal issues have been canceled. I had a little line, it turns out, I knew connected from the same dormitory. He had once for me, where I have someone in person that I do not know from emails that I already knew face to face what happened. But we adjusted agreement, to the surprise. They were the typical “couple looking for Big Black Cock”. Since the secret was our lifestyle preferences, I made an exception to my rule and gave it to my dorm room to fuck fun place to have in place. I had to loud music to make sure my suite mates could not hear the dialog. As it was in the middle of the afternoon, no one would complain of the noise.

I have not heard the key when he opened the door. I froze when I heard the door SAV, and I saw Evan looking at us. I sat beside my bed standing college cheap, take Dan’s hips and fucks him doggy style. A pretty blonde girl named Jennifer sat on the opposite side, naked with her legs spread. The lady and I looked up, but Dan was waiting a few seconds before looking up to him, why I did not go in favor of her ass. I felt really bad. Dan was on the football team, and he needed to this part of his life to keeping at low revs.

“What the hell, Evan said, his face turned red. He looked at his wife, then his eyes froze on the part of my penis ass out of Dan. I slowly slid my cock. Her ass if I could trust what he says was among the first tail was hanging wide open. I had ordered for 15 minutes and had to be fully opened and used to the intrusion. My cock was tall, with smooth lubricating oil and maintains. Evan looked at my cock, amazed at how big it was, he saw that it is difficult for the first time. He had seen me naked enough to know that I was next to a giant flaccid tail and a small tattoo of a flag on his right, he probably recognized as those of Brazil. My entire pubic region was shaved, I can seem even greater. When Dan poor gaping asshole huge open for a few seconds, I know Evan had already seen that women in porn.

I will not go into detail what happened, but Evan was an ass about it. He called me racist crap, and slammed the door. I stayed cool and tried to dress in his shoes, mostly apologetic and embarrassed, and asked him not to tell anyone. The college was more acceptable for this type of behavior, but when it became known, it would still be bad, especially for Dan.

After the events of this story, Evan gave me a lot about his feelings when I stand in history. Evan and I had not been talking much at all for a few months, then two important things begin to change until March. At first he could not get my head the image of this guy on hands and knees, apparently enjoying the penetration. Second, he realized that he was a complete ass to judge me that way. To my surprise, he asked me a few beers with him, and he apologized. He even asked some questions, do not seem to understand the situation, as he had seen as good for the ladies get caught, then a man can be condemned me to do. I explained as best I could, I’d like to fuck women and men for pleasure from time to time. I had no idea he was a little interested in what I would find later.

I hoped he thought I was a pretty good guy. Maybe I was a sex addict confused, but I was born into a poor family and worked my way through school. I treated people with respect, and I volunteer for many charitable work. People thought I was apparently held in high esteem. So, without sounding arrogant, I hope, let’s just say I think I’ve had good qualities. After a few beers, he asked me. “Bob, I do not know. Are you gay? Are you bi? You, all women who want to have.”

Remain after the confirmation of the conversation between us, I said, “I’m not gay, people like it. I to lead the people, and kiss a guy in the ass is a way to use this part of my personality. Girl I was with his girlfriend. He is not gay either, it’s just very confused and very docile. I helped them with a fantasy of them. First, I fucked, and then I saw him in front of it. There is a whole alternative lifestyle, where the lines are blurred, and people just like you sometimes do not get it. You’d be surprised how the order for all of mine are, you have three guys like Dan, he can take. Or at least that’s what it seems. ”

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This unlikely pairing sees an extremely good-looking and muscular young chap hooked up with an older, balding bair. The bear is sleeping on his balcony when he is woken by his younger visitor. They embrace and begin to pull each others’ clothes off, with the pecker starved hairy stud gulping his younger companion’s dickhead. Then the chubby, overweight bear gets nailed in his ass, stroking his own pathetic dong while he gets ass fucked. However, the younger dude magnanimously allows the bear to enter his own booty hole as well, riding on the wang while the bear leans back in satisfaction. The two guys spunk off on each others’ chests.

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If you saw long haired stud Stevie Blue on the street, you’d think he was a totally regular guy. However, although he seems normal at the beginning of this movie, when we next see him, he is locked inside a cage inside Jay’s basement! Jay lets him out, binding the quivering young man by his hands to the wall and spanking him on his bare ass. Young Stevie looks terrified, but there’s no mistaking the erection in his underpants! With his hands still bound, leaving him completely helpless, Stevie gets ploughed in his butt, yelping as the bareback cock slides in with virtually no lube. He is extremely tight – now that’s got to hurt!
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Jay and Kyle meet up in Amsterdam, and they’re going to be taking advantage of their trip in style. They get themselves to a hot hotel and make sure that everything is quiet. Then they rip off each other’s clothes and start groping, grabbing and caressing each other. There’s much teasing of the cock and balls before they go for the sex, and more than enough blowjob action to get you happy. Once they do settle in for some fucking, they end up exploding in cum once they finish. It’s a wild ride for this pair.

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